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I was chatting with someone a while ago. I was talking about the artists that come up with an idea for a public sculpture and then pay a manufacturer to create it for them. I do all the work myself, they are not. Isn't that what artists do, make their own art? What about a painter, is he/she an artist if he/she pays someone else to paint a work of art for them?!? Can that person be called an artist. A vocalist is an artist, a ballet dancer, can they pay someone else to sing or dance for them and get the credit?

I can see if they need to get a piece of metal rolled to a certain shape and have to pay for the use of the equipment. Or if they can't weld and get someone to weld parts together under their supervision. But to just make a drawing and hand it over to some company to make it? I don't know about that. Am I wrong?

My Noise sculpture is presently displayed in the Art Walk on Sample in Coral Springs, Fl. And I'm trying to get the Perfect Flower in Orlando, Fl.

I'm starting another sculpture. I will have to cut a bigger door in my studio to get it out! ( Like the story of the man that built a boat and couldn't get out of the house!)

I enjoy creating these sculptures. I don't do it for money but it would be nice. The materials for this one will be over a thousand dollars not counting my time. This one will require many hours. I will post photos.

Coral Springs purchased the Noise sculpture. It is at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

I guess I should say that I am transgender. I didn't want it to distract from my work but I hear that people want to learn about the artists. That's another thing, I don't call myself an artist. I have no training and don't understand the terms. I say I am a craftswoman. Maybe I will call myself an artist when someone says, "What is it?" or " My kid can do that." Ha!